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Community Skills Exchange

The greatest gift you can give to others is your “Time”.  Community Networking is a way of doing just that   “Giving Time” - neighbors helping neighbors to build supportive networks and strong communities one hour at a time.   By creating a network of giving and receiving, with people helping each other meet their day-to-day needs and challenges in their own community.  

Neighbors helping Neighbors by sharing their unique skills and talents.   Through a community or skills exchange, community members can trade professional skills like carpentry or grant writing, as well as practical tasks like babysitting or lawn mowing, on a credit or hourly basis—without exchanging any money

 Some sample time exchanges include:

Computer assistance

Video editing


Teaching arts & crafts

Language translation

Language lessons

Music lessons

Cooking/cooking lessons

Baking healthy muffins


Minor home repairs

Car repair


Grocery shopping
Pet or child care

Snow shoveling
Heavy lifting
House cleaning


 What is Giving Time?
Community members connecting with one another to share ideas, skills and services, Members offer services to others, when a member spends one hour of his or her time performing a service for another member whether providing companionship to an elderly person, helping with home repairs, taking care of a pet, or providing art, music, or language lessons the person providing the service earns one "time credit." These credits can then be exchanged to obtain services provided by another member of the community. Creating a community of services to empower and support individuals, strengthen community ties, expand social networks and save money by spending time

 How do I enter the hours after I've traded?
The person who received the service enter the transaction. They pay one Time credit for each hour of service received. The T$ will be subtracted from their account and added to the account of the person who performed the service.

 Are TimeTrade Hours taxable?
The IRS has determined that 1) because an hour is always an hour, regardless of what is offered, 2) because they are backed only by a moral obligation and 3) because they are intended for a charitable purpose, TimeTrade Hours are not taxable. (visit for current tax year rules and regulations)

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