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The Community Builder

The Community Builder is committed to building new innovative programs and continuing to expand existing programs. Community organizations, businesses and individuals partners that serve low-income individuals and families to improve the local standard of living and increased community self-sufficiency.   To increase social capital by building a pool of resources that enhance job skills, developing community trust, strengthening community networks, and fostering norms of self-sufficiency through awareness of community services and new opportunities available.

Internet Access

We provide internet accessible computers to the public at no cost.    This service allows members of the community to have access to online job searches, personal emails, networking, and more.   Regular hours of operation are from 10:30am to 5:30 pm, Tuesday through Saturday.   Hours of use are subject to change.   Resource Center may be closed for classes, holidays, staff meetings, or other scheduled events.   Anyone is welcome to come and visit us.

Resource Center

Resource Center

Make the most of the digital world by accessing online resources that will improve your quality of life. The Community Resource center provides members of the community an opportunity to develop skills with new communication technologies, Internet access and computer training in a collaborative and supportive setting.  

Basic Computer Skills  Program

Adults who are unsure about their basic computer skills now have a way to easily assess what they know, pinpoint what they need to learn and earn a certificate that shows employers what they know.

The free self-guided set of assessments consists of seven modules: Basic Computer Skills, Internet, Email, Word Processing (Word), Excel, Windows OS and Mac OS. Spanish-language and close-captioned versions are available.

To earn a certificate in one or more of the modules, adults must take the tests in a supervised setting at an approved sponsoring site. The Community Builder is among the organizations using the standards as part of its programming and offering the certificates.


Digital Literacy

Fundamental technology skills are an increasingly important barrier to employment in a wide range of industries, from construction to health care. To complete extensive online job applications, workers need to be able to access technology and know how to use it.  

The job search process increasingly requires digital literacy, a barrier for some lower-wage workers. Today’s job search takes place largely online, and lower-wage workers are often at a disadvantage when it comes to navigating these new systems.

Basic access to the Internet remains a challenge for some workers, putting them on the wrong side of “the digital divide.”


The Hands on Banking program provides the essentials of financial education, real-world skills, and knowledge everyone can use, including how to:

  • Use tools, such as a spending plan, to make the most of your money
  • Protect yourself financially from identity theft and other scams
  • Use credit wisely to build a good credit score and avoid too much debt
  • Create a financial future through saving, investing, and building wealth
  • Master the financial aspects of home ownership
  • Start, manage, and grow a small business while maximizing the chance of success

Work Ready Program

Visit our Resource Center to assist with job search, job listings and resume postings, up-to-date economic and labor market information, skill assessments, information about education and identify skill training opportunities.

Online job search resources, including job search sites, job search engines, networking sites, online job search tools, and tips to ensure that you are using all the Internet job search resources available to help find a job online.

  • Resume Building
  • Cover Letters
  • Interview preparation
  • Job Applications
  • Online Searching & Posting
  • Career Exploration
  • Employer Expectations
  • Education Assistance
  • Job Training Skills
  • Access to Computers
  • Information Technology & Digital Literacy
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Trust is everything - We don't tell them what they need - We ask them! Help us Help Them!

— Community Builder (@tcbnampa) December 5, 2015